Jan 20, 2023

TEKTRO E Bike Solutions has introduced a new gear shifting system in collaboration with the European brand Conway.

TEKTRO has launched a new E-Drive 9-speed electric mountain bike drivetrain system, featuring a key highlight of easily replaceable first three cogs on the 9-speed cassette with 11-13-16 teeth, as well as a rear derailleur with a clutch function to maintain stable chain tension.

In response to customer demand, TEKTRO launched a more powerful electric bicycle brake system in 2017: E-Bike Solutions, using a new 2.3mm thick disc rotor in the TRP DH-R EVO brake system. In 2019, TRP introduced the DH7 and TR12 rear derailleurs ahead of the competition. The valuable experience gained over the past three years has also been a driving force behind TEKTRO's development of the ED9.

TEKTRO developed its new product based on customer demand, as they continuously seek for a more durable and low-wear drivetrain system, especially for entry-level electric bicycles. Due to the recent boom in electric bicycles and the impact of COVID-19, many beginners have entered the entry-level electric bicycle market, leading TEKTRO to conduct research on end consumers in Europe and gather the following information:

● In particular, there is a high chain wear phenomenon when using the smallest cog.

● Short-term and short-distance riding results in high maintenance and component repair costs.

● Beginners are less likely to shift gears, especially for electric bikes equipped with semi-automatic transmission systems.

● It can be relatively difficult to start again after encountering a red light when using heavy gear ratios in Turbo mode.

● The motor provides more assistance with low transmission bandwidth when climbing hills.

"Daily use of electric bikes can be compared to using a car for the World Cup." - Louis Tsai, TEKTRO | TRP Product Engineer.



TEKTRO has developed the ED9 transmission system in close collaboration with Conway and its development team. The first Conway bike equipped with the TEKTRO ED9 transmission system and flywheel was launched in February 2022. The ED9 transmission system includes a 9-speed rear derailleur, shift lever, and a 9-speed/11-46t flywheel, which is currently only available to bicycle manufacturers.


11-46t tooth flywheel

Replaceable 11-13-16 tooth cogs to reduce service costs

 Lighter 46-tooth flywheel for easier uphill rides

Allows for higher pedaling frequency and gives the motor more power support

The 9-speed rear derailleur features TRP TR12 & DH7 (ratchet clutch technology) non-adjustable clutches to stabilize chain tension.