TEKTRO sponsors Aaron Gwin, the focus of the mountain bike world!

Mar 20, 2018

When it comes to mountain biking, the name Aaron Holmes Gwin is undoubtedly essential. As a professional mountain biker from Moreno Valley, California, he has become a legend in the sport.

As a five-time UCI Downhill World Cup overall champion, Aaron's achievements are nothing short of remarkable. His speed and determination have won him countless honors in competition, and his charisma has attracted a large fan base.

However, in this highly competitive world, a successful rider not only relies on their own talent but also requires a strong support team. That's why we sponsor this sport. Tektro is a company dedicated to researching and producing high-quality bicycle brake systems, and we have made a significant contribution to the development of this sport.

As Aaron Holmes Gwin's sponsor, Tektro provides him with powerful technology and braking systems to make him more stable and safe during competitions. This also demonstrates Tektro's professionalism and commitment in this field.

As a company with over thirty years of history, Tektro has always been committed to providing better products and experiences for bicycle enthusiasts through technological innovation and continuous improvement of product quality. Aaron Holmes Gwin's success is proof of the outstanding performance of Tektro's products in this sport.

In the future, Tektro will continue to provide better products and services for bicycle enthusiasts and mountain bikers and make further contributions to the development of this sport.