Tektro Annual Spring Feast 2023

Feb 03, 2023

During the tumultuous years of 2019-2021, which were impacted by the pandemic, Tektro has led its colleagues to grow, transform, and evolve. As we enter 2023, there may still be many uncertainties, but Tektro will continue to lead with a heart-centered approach, treating people with kindness, nurturing growth with care, and leading everyone forward to "fly over" obstacles. The banquet will feature a hundred tables, and colleagues will dine with their families at the Tektro Sports Hall. We are honored to have national off-road cycling expert Coach Jiang Sihan from Ri-Nan Junior High School and off-road rider Hank participate in the performance. With "flying over" as the theme, the BMX acrobatics will showcase the forward momentum, wishing TEKTRO a brilliant leap forward in 2023!

Follow the athletes: IG: @ssuhan0929 IG: @Hankhuang_rider